How will my order be shipped?

For US and EU fulfilment, orders will be sent via express courier from our local warehouse partner and will reach the final customer within US and EU in 5-10 days. For the rest of the world, rewards will be delivered via air freight directly from our distribution centre in China. Backers are also expected to receive rewards between 15-20 days from shipping depending on the size of the delivery and your country.

Any warranty?

Yes, we do offer a 1-year term warranty. If you have any maintenance problems, feel free to contact us through the email address:, and we would love to help you. Thanks for your support!

Do you collect taxes like VAT, GST etc for International?

The backer is responsible for these costs in addition to the pledged amount. You will be responsible for any Duties, handling fees, and/or VAT/GST for any product shipped outside the USA or EU. Before purchasing items, we advise customers to reach out to their local customs office for information about the duties and fees to be expected.

Why and when should I replace the filters?

The nano filters do not need to be replaced but they need to be regenerated every few months. The pre-filter needs to be replaced about 3 times per year, depending on use and on the condition of the environment you put Albero in.

Why should I regenerate and not change the nano-filters?

The nano-filters need to be regenerated due to a momentary loss of efficiency caused by the buildup of mineral salts resulting from the photocatalysis. These mineral salts cover the photosensitive layer of the filter reducing its exposure to UV rays and decreasing the effectiveness of Albero. Washing with tap water the filters remove the salts restoring the full cleaning capability of the filter. For at least five years the cleaning capacity of the filters won’t decline.

How will I be able to control my Albero?

Albero can be operated as stand-alone thanks to its touch button at the top. With the help of a smartphone you will be able to connect Albero to your home WiFi and control it from the dedicated the app for iOS® or Android®. And if your Wi Fi goes down, you can always use Albero remotely via Bluetooth.

What functions can I control through the app?

You can access your app remotely and turn Albero on or schedule its running from anywhere you are. From the app you can control the lamp mode and the depuration mode independently and adjust your lighting or your air quality as you like. Albero is also integrated with Alexa and Google Home.

How well does Albero against microorganisms (bacteria, mold)?

Albero is very effective in reducing microorganism in air, we have tested it against bacteria and mold spores and it was able to considerably reduce them in a standard room. Albero’s base technology, photocatalytic oxidation, has been proven to have the potential to remove numerous pathogens from the air in a very short time. Different research papers about the potentiality of this technology in destroying hepatitis B and SARS have appeared in the past 20 years.